Relationship and Dating Coaching

Being on the journey to finding that someone special is exciting. Sometimes it’s difficult to know what to do and how to approach looking for a partner. There are so many things to think about. You’d really appreciate additional help and support and recognise it would be a great investment in your future.At the start you’ll have lots of questions and ideas you’d like to sound out with someone who really understands the subject with a wealth of up to date experience with people just like you. Our relationship coach has worked with a hundreds of single people from ministers of the church to bank managers, and everyone in between from 25 -75 years in age. They all know that having your own personal coach really helps.Our coaching programs won’t transform you into somebody you’re not but they will provide you with support and guidance that makes a big difference to your future relationship success. Sometimes it’s about keeping you positive and embracing your situation with an open mind. Other times it can be a safe person to share your joyous findings with while aiding you to keep your feet on the ground.The fact you’re on this website shows you are taking steps towards finding somebody special to love, so you’re already in a good place to move forward.

The benefits of working with a personal coach include:

•    Time to focus on you and what you really want.
•    Someone to challenge, motivate and support you.
•    A safe supportive environment to discuss your issues and your ideas.
•    Accountability and commitment to reaching your personal goals.
•    Creating an easy to follow action plan with support to achieve it.
•    Coming up with a fresh approach to an old situation or problem area.
•    Unconditional support and encouragement.
•    Achieve better results in less time.

There is no absolute hard and fast 100% guarantee that through working with your coach will find your ultimate and perfect soulmate – although good a number clients have said they have in the past.

However, what is guaranteed is that with our coaching support your enjoyment and confidence in the relationship and dating area of your life will grow and develop. You will reach a new understanding and dramatically improve the chances of finding what you’re looking for.
About our relationship and dating coach

By nature our relationship coach is one of those positive people who enjoy life and feel blessed to be able to effectively help others find a loving partner.

Friends say she’s been helping them find partners who are right for them since she was a teenager, so it’s something that comes naturally to her.

But it’s more than a personal talent, luck and good fortune. Our coach is a professional and has worked around the world. She has a Master of Philosophy from Cranfield with top training and coaching qualifications plus a dedicated interest in ‘Relationships, Singles and Dating’ since 2001.

She is up to date and has the right level of expertise for you. Her coaching support will be successful, fun, refreshing and life affirming. You’ll have your questions answered and become much more confident and ready to enjoy the adventure of finding a loving partner.

Our coaching options

3hr Face to Face focused Single Coaching

An excellent way to ‘kick start’ your efforts to address your single status and any concerns about making connections with equally unattached Christians.
An opportunity to discuss your singles concerns in a private discussion designed improve dating and relationship know how and understanding.
Develop a simple plan of action ready to embrace the opportunity of getting to know and meet eligible people as friends first.

Cost  £297

Telephone Coaching Call Packages

Four coaching calls up to 40mins with follow up email, typically weekly or biweekly

A great way to boost your initial friendsfirst activity and build confidence to make connections with fellow single members.

Cost – £199

Eight coaching calls up to 40mins with follow up email, typically weekly or biweekly

Stay on track with supportive coaching conversations to help you make contacts and arrange meetings with other singles of your choice.

Cost – £297

Twelve coaching calls up to 40mins with email follow up and on going unlimited email support over the 6 month period

Coaching calls and emails to suit your requirements and support your personal situation, level of confidence and areas of uncertainty.
There is plenty of time and opportunity to explore ideas and feelings around getting to know and meeting up with equally unattached people.
Regular reflection on your activities and goals with the chance to question and refresh ideas for meeting your match.

Cost – £497

7 Deadly Relationship Sins

Are you faultless or do you commit any of the 7 deadly relationship sins? deadly-sins-leadbait
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[Ngozi ]

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(Rita )

“Thank you very much for responding so promptly to my application from.  I’m very impressed with the Top Tips booklet: sensible and thoughtful.”

(Pat, Practice Nurse)

7 Deadly Relationship Sins

Are you faultless or do you commit any of the 7 deadly relationship sins? deadly-sins-leadbait
Find out here