The Seven Deadly Relationship Sins

Could any of the 7 Deadly Relationship Sins

be preventing you from

finding your Christian soul mate?

The ‘7 Deadly Relationship Sins’ are things YOU are may unwittingly be doing in your life that affect the way you convey yourself to others.

7 deadly relationship sins

If you’re committing any of these ‘sins’ then chances are you’ll be missing some great opportunities in your personal life and maybe even preventing yourself from finding your ideal Christian soul  mate.

To make sure you’re aware of what these mistakes are and know how to stop making them if you’re ‘guilty’, complete the box below and over the next few days we will reveal all you need to know about the 7 deadly relationship sins and how you can ensure you’re not making them.

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I think you have really hit the jackpot with the 7DS.  They were good advice

“I found all the emails gave very relevant information regarding situations with other people”

Good information – thank you!

“I found the tips very useful, as is your website. I have learnt a lot since my marriage ended. Like many people, I really did not have a clue when I was single and married on trust. It is very hard to start again when that trust has been broken.  It is so hard not to feel isolated and good to know that organistations like yours are out there. God Bless.”>

I now realise that I have committed all of them, sometimes without realising it.

“Very worthwhile, and I can think of some unattached friends whom it would benefit greatly!”

All your advice is very good

“It was very encouraging and would be nice for everyone to learn and know about the sins because it happens all the time and most of the people are not even aware they are doing it.”

Very interesting

“100% common sense.”

Thank you for the useful resource.

“I think you have really hit the jackpot with the 7DS.  They were good advice”

Generally helpful. Sometimes it is a case of the obvious being brought back to the centre as it is easy to get into bad habits, sometimes without even realizing it.

“This was my first contact with Friendsfirst and I have been very impressed.”

I believe the 7 deadly sins are very honourable

“Keep things like this coming! I wish I knew about things like this 20 years ago.”

I found that I agreed with these. I believe these provide useful ideas for interacting with other people.

“You’re the most sweet listening person I’ve ever had this sort of conversation with”

(Jenny, Leader-Churches Together)

“Indeed I was very pleased to receive the profiles you sent me. Thank you also for your letter and the template for guidance, taken together with the previous generally more […]

(Roger, Govt surveyor)

“You always sound so cheerful on the ‘phone.”

(Sandie, full time mum)

“May I take this opportunity of thanking all the members of your team for keeping me regularly informed of profiles etc. I think your service is very good ”

(Jo, Accountant)