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If you’re single (or know someone who is) you’ll know that the modern method of finding a soul mate is through using a ‘dating’ or introduction agency. Hundreds of them abound – both online and offline. So why are there still so many singles around? The answer is that most single people don’t know how to date effectively. The secrets of effective dating (or making new friends for that matter) are not rocket science but they aren’t always that obvious either. If you would like to meet more new people, or are wondering if you could meet someone by using an introduction agency you need to read the “11 Attributes of Successful Daters ” first. Go to today to get your free copy of this invaluable resource. Alternatively call 0121 427 1286 for a friendly chat about how to meet new people.

How to be the One

Serious about relationships - then this book is for you!

“Amy and I are planning to get married in a few months time. It was your team that helped me to get going again and I must thank you very […]

(John, Lecturer)

Thank you for you contact with me. I did have specific questions that I  wanted to ask before joining.  I was reassured there would be plenty of men to contact […]

(Angela, Teacher)

“How can I ever thank you enough for encouraging me to write to Peter in Birmingham. He has chosen me out of dozens to marry. We have both said Yes. […]

(Jane, Housekeeper)

“Please accept my resignation as I hope to remarry this summer. Thank you for all your help and your excellent services. My sincere thanks to you and your colleagues for […]

(Max, Retired Director of Finance)

How to be the One

Serious about relationships - then this book is for you!