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Christian Events – We host monthly lunches or dinners around the UK which offer members a great opportunity to meet other members and make new friends in an informal atmosphere over a delicious 3 course meal.

All our membership packages include a number of complimentary* tickets to our CLUB DINING events.
(*Apart from a non refundable booking fee, once booked all events/meals are completly free)

All our events are held close to public transport links and all are easy to get to.

Dates and locations of our forthcoming Club DINING events for 2016


Events Ex members or current members  who have previously used their events  entitlement.
Current members who HAVE events included in their membership
Saturday 10th June 2017
Lunch in Nottingham
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 This event is now sold out to women  This event is now sold out to women
Saturday 8th July 2017 Lunch near Stratford upon Avon  book-now  book-now
Saturday 16th September 2017
Lunch in Central London
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Saturday 14th October 2017
Lunch in Birmingham
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Saturday 11th November in Brighton 2017
Lunch in Brighton
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Saturday 9th December 2017
Lunch near Stratford upon Avon
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 To Book

If you are a Club Dining member please book your place using the button on the right above.

If you are are not a Club Dining member then please either book online or ring our team on 0121 427 1286 and we will take your booking for you.

Our Members

Find out if we have other Christians living close to you!

“Dear Katharine,  Thank you for the revised profile.  I was amazed at the detail that you recorded!  I think you have made a good job of it.”

(Terry, Schools support work)

“Both Katharine and Dawn have given excellent service.  Their support really gave me reassurance throughout my membership.

(Peter 62 Divorced university admin worker)

“I have only spoken to friendsfirst a few times but you are always helpful and polite.  My emails replied to promptly and it is nice to know one is an individual […]

(Stephen, Civil Servant)

“I did not know what to expect from your service – and have been pleasantly surprised. Thank you for your assistance over the year.”

(Susan, Community Nurse Manager)

Our Members

Find out if we have other Christians living close to you!